The first comprehensive and co-ordinated effort to tackle nuisance calls has been published

Nuisance calls must stop. At best they are an irritation and an unwanted intrusion, at worst they cause real distress and fear, particularly to the elderly or housebound.

Maria Miller,the then culture secretary 29th March 14

Government Proposals

The Nuisance Calls Action Plan sets out the actions being taken by Government, regulators, consumer groups and industry to tackle nuisance calls.

It reveals the Government will consult on lowering the legal threshold for when firms can be fined for making nuisance calls.

There were 120,310 complaints about nuisance calls between April and November 2013. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is responsible for unsolicited marketing calls while Ofcom deals with silent and abandoned calls.

The Solution

UK Data IT have a proven record in automated call screening systems since 2000, keeping more telesales lines TPS compliant in the UK than any other automated system. Also our CallCommander network dialler helps businesses increase their productivity, reduce costs and develop a better contact history with customers and prospects.

UK Data IT networks carried 2.58 million calls in May 2014 - 37,752 calls where stopped and prevented potential regualtor ( ICO or Ofcom ) investigations.

We are able to provide screening to a single telephone line in SOHO environment, SME offices of multiple lines through to national call centres making in excess of 800 thousand calls in one month. Stopping potential investigation of 17,966 calls by regulator (actual Apr 2014 figures). All that is heard by the user/operator is 'this number does not wish to receive telemarketing calls' (listen).

Other Benefits

To take advantage of our automated screening your call traffic will have to go across UK Data IT Networks either landline or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This can give advantages on cheaper line rental and cheaper calls. If you are in contract with a supplier you can also CPS a line with us and only the calls will come to us and the line rental will stay with your current supplier. For further information please call, email or tweet !

UK Data IT business service is hosted"

UK Data IT also invest a great deal of time in helping UK consumers which are being pestered by the growing number of scam and nuisance calls made by overseas call centres, which are continuing to tarnish the reputation of telemarketing in the UK.